Wholesale Application & Retailer Agreement

Retailer Agreement

To guard the integrity of our products, ensure positive customer experiences, and protect the profitability of our valued partners, we will limit the channels and venues through which dealers and distributors may bring or direct Willow Lane Hat Co products to the retail markets. If you plan to deal in Willow Lane Hat Co’s products, we will require you to abide by the terms of our Retailer Agreement. Please find the Agreement below. You may direct any questions about this agreement to wholesale@willowlanehatco.com. Thank you for your support of Willow Lane Hat Co. We look forward to a positive ongoing relationship.



This agreement is made as of August 1st, 2022, by and between Willow Lane Hat Co and the Retailer. This Agreement sets forth the terms by which the Parties agree that Retailer shall market, promote, and sell the Supplier’s products via the Authorized Sales Channels (defined herein).

1. Non-Exclusive Right to Sell or Distribute Products
    a. Subject to the Restrictions below, Retailer shall have a non-exclusive right to sell the Products via the Authorized Sales Channels stipulated below.
    b. A “Retailer” shall be defined as a customer of Supplier that purchases the products for resale.
    c. A “Product” shall be defined as an item manufactured or marketed by Supplier that is intended for sale.
    d. “Authorized Sales Channels” shall include: (i) Retailer’s own physical brick & mortar stores; (ii): Retailer’s temporary storefronts at events and tradeshows; (iii) Retailer’s physical or digital catalog; and (iv) Retailer’s own website(s).
    e. Restrictions: i. Authorized Sales Channels shall exclude any and all ecommerce marketplaces, including but not limited to Etsy.com, Amazon.com, eBay.com, Buy,com, Walmart,com, Jet.com, Overstock.com, Rakuten.Com, and Wish.com. ii. Retailer shall not sell, offer to sell, or advertise the Products, outside of the Authorized Sales Channels.
    f. If Retailer violates this Agreement with respect to sales outside of the Authorized Sales Channels, Supplier shall have the option to suspend Retailer’s eligibility to purchase products, and to terminate this Agreement.
    2. Additional Retailer Obligations and Restrictions
    a. Retailer agrees not to sell, distribute, or otherwise provide Product to any customer known to be selling as a wholesaler or clearance seller (i.e. Overstock.com, etc.).
    b. Retailer agrees not to link to any offer of any Product on a website not specified above as an Authorized Sales Channel.
    c. Retailer agrees to follow MAP pricing, and will not sell products below the MAP price. Holiday sales will be exempt.
    3. Authorized Retailer Warranty and Returns
    a. Willow Lane Hat Co will not accept any returns from Retailer’s customers. All returns from Retailer’s customers are Retailer’s responsibility and must be returned by Retailer.
    By filling out and submitting a wholesale application, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.